Middle Managers Find Walking the Talk Is Not Easy Without Top Management Support


The perception by employees that management’s behaviour matches its words is the foundation of an organizational culture that is ethical and high-performing. Middle managers are key to maintaining this behavioural integrity. When they ‘Walk the Talk’ – acting as they expect their team to act – they have a positive effect both on their subordinates’ performance and on their own.

Unfortunately, middle managers often find this vital behavioural integrity undermined by inconsistent or contradictory policies, initiatives and decisions from higher levels of the organization that they, as middle managers, must communicate and sell to their teams. For example, they might be told to communicate that ‘safety comes first’, while also being asked to implement compensation policies that encourage safet...

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Een signaal dat ik al jaren verneem van OR-en.
Robuust middel-management en dus ondersteuning van deze groep is zeker gewenst.

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