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Coert Visser
Management & Career Consultancy

– Merriam-Webster ( dictionary explains: Intuition = quick and ready insight

– Intuition is fed by experience
– By living through many successes and failures, our experience is shaped, thus shaping our intuition
– We live on intuition. We would become crazy if we should have to do QFD before every decision can be made.
– Sometimes intuition is simply wrong (if the experience does not fit the problem)
– Usually stories, workshops and especially seminars and conferences about new ways of working hardly affect the experience, causing intuitive responses to be incorrect, leading to the “knowledge” that “this method does not work”
– Coaching is about enhancing the intuition, by focused feeding of experience and checking whether the intuitive responses show that the new experience did catch on
– Therefore: stories, workshops, seminars and conferences, while good for meeting people, are hardly effective for making people using better ways of working. Coaching by a good coach is needed to make it work. This is very well known in sports. In management it may be somewhat known. In engineering and development it (coaching of project teams) seems a completely new concept.


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