(gemiste?) Kansen 2008!

Harvard's Conversation Starter is een leuke (blog)site, een site waarop auteurs en wetenschappers hun ideeën poneren. & Zoals bij een 'echt' blog: soms zijn er reacties en vaak niet. 

Toch kan een entry ook veel, zelfs héél veel reacties oproepen en zo gebeurt dat ook bij de entry die geplaatst werd door de editors op 13 december jl., het was een vraag: 'What will be the Biggest Management Challenges in 2008?'. Een interessante & triggerende vraag, blijkbaar, want tot nu toe zijn er al ruim 80 reacties geplaatst en zelfs voor CS is dat veel.

Ter inspiratie voor 2008 geef ik u een synopsis van de reacties, reacties from all over the World, reacties geplaatst door bekende en minder bekende personen. Soms bieden reacties niet direct kansen maar zijn ze een outcry, een waarschuwing van de inzender; dat mag. De inhoud van veel reacties is wellicht bekend, andere reacties laten juist een nieuw inzicht zien. 

Deze combinatie van dat alles maakt dit interessant genoeg om het in overweging te nemen voor 2008.

De synopsis: de quotes nam ik letterlijk over en het overzicht is at random, de enige lijn die er in zit is dat ik de reacties op volgtijdelijkheid van plaatsing weergeef. 

  • Our biggest short-term challenge will be getting employees and consumers to look beyond the headlines.

  • The most important trend in networking in 2008, indeed in all of IT, will be the emergence of the “network as the platform” for productivity, profitable growth, resource management and innovation.

  • In 2008 we will have our first woman President.

  • The biggest challenge will be to secure liquidity and energy.

  • I think it's quite important for my generation to start looking at itself as the next crop of leaders.

  • Organizing an explosion of decentralized information services will be a key challenge in 2008.

  • People in general need to learn how to think creatively and innovate on a regular basis.

  • Trends for 2008 will focus on educating both the private and public sector on managing sustainability.

  • 2008 will probably feel the same as the past few years where is is a sense of fin de siecle and people are not sure exactly what will happen next.

  • Our short- and long-term global competitiveness will be challenged by the healthcare funding issue.

  • the biggest management challenges for 2008 will be the following ones: Make Management more simple., No more brilliant ideas to the trash can., A more human Management., Survival is a must.

  • Global Warming will become a true global challenge to all business concerns as well as individuals.

  • The biggest challenges for the managers in the short term is to counter the impact of weakening dollar,rising crude, declining productivity in US & Europe & outsourcing as competetive strategy.

  • The challenge will be managing resources.

  • I believe the most significant challenge for managers in 2008 is to inspire and instill a sense of confidence in the midst of increased uncertainties.

  • Climate change and stategies for dealing with this phenomena will be the most significant challenge for managers throughout the world in 2008.

  • The biggest management stories of 2008 will be centered on the 'Back to basics' theme. The 'Back to basics' drive will be the outcome of the larger stories of society ( e.g. ecological sustainability ), government ( e.g. the actions of central banks on the economy ) and public institutions.

  • The biggest management challenge for 2008 would be the increasing lack of managers with strategic and tactical capability and business acumen to take global businesses into the future.

  • The biggest challenges for 2008 are: - Creating good leaders in the company through training and
    development. - Reduce manpower turnover by floating attractive employee-friendly schemes. - Maintain profitability inspite of reducing margins.

  • Year 2008 will be the most awaiting year every accountant and business executive. The following will shape the way businesses will be undertaken. With the growing spread of Ismalic Banking all over the world, new ideas and thoughts with respect to cash management will be emerging among organisations.

  • Forces for change such as new political leadership, continued strains in energy supply and security, global climate change, managing the tension between continued economic globalisation and more local/regional (possibly global) localisattion (driven by fears of recession) will continue to challenge us.

  • Life and business are more complex than before. To deal with this growing complexity, there is a need for a new kind of leadership - Leadership that permeates the organization at levels, at all its critical nodal points, and engages its people.

  • Communication has been the challenge for all of us and our times since long, despite a presence of variety of technology, channel and medium.

  • The biggest challenge for all in leadership is to solve this equation: Vision - Status = Strategy.

  •  I feel not only in 2008 but even now the biggest challenge for humanity will be how to control human activities including business and management where a healthy respect for mother nature and also for values which qualify us to be called developed not just mentally and physically but also spiritually!

  •  I think, we are going to facing the most powerful treat is rising in energy ,especialy oil, cost. That causes lack of the economy and also negative effect on the personel consumption.

  • Most important is to change the attitude to the human surrundings, i. e. individuals you work with, live with, do business with etc. How to cooperate "alone" without asking for acknowledge, only knowing that they do the same, tries to enhance your efforts to make the best to reach a common interest.

  • The Biggest Challenge for Management in 2008 will be cost reduction without retrenchment ( which will give rise to social unrest ),without outsourcing of jobs to other countries ( which will cause both social and political crisis ), without causing more damage to the environment ( i.e, without increasing the mining areas , airtraffic, paper printing , petrolium consumption etc. )and without sacrificing the quality of goods and services .

  • Everthing is changing, and so 2008 managers should correspondingly act likewise. Be that as it may,challenges like weak currency, unemployement for the developing economies,labour related issues and generally the macroeconomic fundamentals, will put 2008 managers to task and test their overal ability to remain focused.

  • The biggest management challenge in 2008 is to convince top management that strategic thinking is necessary today because our organizations compete in an increasingly global, postindustrial, knowledge- and information-based competitive environment as opposed to the slower paced, domestic, industrial competitive environment of only a few decades ago.

  • Assuming "management" is a people-oriented activity, I would presume the biggest challenge will be to openly deal with the wants of employees while still making a profit.

  • I believe our challenges in 2008 is to nourish leadership from within that create sustainable vision, so much so, people will want to follow and followers will be driven to lead.

  • What will be important in 2008, for both public and private enterprisese, is a renewed focus on accurately measuring and improving key indicators of productivity, perforance-based budgeting and incentives, strategiclally re-aligned organizations, innovative policy formulation and institutional transparency.

  • The biggest management challenge for countries would be to tackle the global liquidity imbalances.

  • The major 2008 challenge will be to generate resources behind the worthy strategies - the world of oppertunities are getting exponentially bigger with combination of globalizaion, Knoweldge creation and maturity of the communicaion technologies; Feeding the oppertunity speace with conventional resource pools will be increasingly difficult.

  • The biggest challenge we have to face is recognizing and dealing honestly with a simple fact that the best solutions will come from the locus closest to the problem, and that we must embrace and be skilled in the effective and efficient management of environmental change and ambiguity in order to make progress.

  •  I believe the challange next year (and the years ahead) will be to remember that without employees there will not be consumers.

  • I believe the development and implementation of ‘soft skills’ will be one of the greatest management challenges in the future.

  • The challenges in business in 2008 would be are about overcoming limits to growth, achieving social good and creating impacts in people's lifes.

  • Perhaps the greatest challenge facing senior executives is to solve the ongoing problem on managers at all levels who are not well equipped to fill their role.

  • Challenges varies from industry to another, however the key common economic challenges for management are mainly restoring debt markets and ecnomic slowdown in USA & Europe.

  • The biggest challenges for managers in 2008 will be giving employees 'permission to play', making work more meaningful, and keeping it real.

  • The most issues that will be serious in my region will be un stabilized political & economical situation.

  • For European businesses the continued decline of the US$ against the Euro will remain one of the toughest challenges. It will be the catalyst for many changes related to repositioning within market segments, relocation of manufacturing to no-Euro zones and acceleration of innovation drive.

  • Nanotechnology, will lead to chip embedment in the brain, to perform left-brain functions.

  • Democratic, open management, especially in the new economic powers, like India and China.

  • For inhabitants of third worlds, the ping of globalization will continue to felt, given these are the most vulnerable economically. There will not be any viable solution for all the sufferings in the African region.

  • I think 2008 will see increased virtual working and telecomutting arising from mega mergers and globalization/centralization of businesses.

  • Our biggest challenge will be to manage the impact of cost increases that can affect future investment.

  • If 2007 was a dramatic year for managers, 2008 will be more dramatic. But, with this drama comes an un-equaled drive and passion to make the year remarkable!

  • The Central Banks are currently squeezed between resolving the liquidity issues and inflationary pressures. In case the resolution of the liquidity problem takes much longer than expected, the challenge for business leaders will be to come up with the best assumption weather the central banks will choose to support the liquidity problem with the expense of dealing with increased inflations in the economies or not.

  • In 2008, China will hold Olympic games. but due to the price of real-estate in China market kept growing too fast in the past 3 years, it seems that the economic inflexion comes early than we expected. we may face recession and inflation before up coming Olympic games.

Interessant toch, deze reacties op 'What will be the Biggest Management Challenges in 2008?'. Laat ze voor u & uw organisatie geen Gemiste Kans zijn.....


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