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Alexander Ket

Love to inspire and challenge
Love startups and entrepreneurship
Love my family, friends and doing sport

My passion and energy within Zilverline goes to business development of the internal- and external startups.

Zilverline is a privately held company based in Amsterdam and is known for its outstanding quality of work and knowledge in the field of software development and scrum-agile training and coaching. Zilverline works with highly skilled people all working in autonomous teams, in direct contact with customers speeding up the quality and results.
Zilverline works 4 days for customers and each Friday is used for personal- and team development. On this ‘Friday Playground’ new technology, skills and startup ideas are being explored and built.

Zilverline is founding father of scrum-agile development in The Netherlands. In 2006 Zilverline started to train and coach companies together with Jeff Sutherland, the mastermind of scrum. Scrum-agile methodology is used by many successful companies like Spotify, Toyota and Zilverline guides management teams, IT managers, lead architects and team leaders.

Zilverline develops software for clients. Zilverline is master in continuous adding value, due to: extensive scrum-agile experience, high quality of work, the use of advanced proven technology. Projects go live each every 1 to 2 weeks. Enabling to get direct feedback from real users and speeding up the learning curve. ‘Why’ and ‘What for’ are the most used questions. It makes lean, realizes speed and helps saving lots of money.

Zilverline is an entrepreneurial company and loves working with entrepreneurial and passionate minds. Zilverline develops her own startups and also helps outside startups. Regarding the outside startups: Zilverline is very good in judging ideas, team and market potential. Zilverline is also master in determine the MVP product to proof market traction. Meaning minimal investment in time and money to proof market traction. The network offers:
* Develop a MVP to proof market traction = Zilverline
* Access to funding = Funding partners
* (online) Marketing & Business advice = Zilverline & Funding partners

Feel free to contact me!

[email protected] // [email protected] // +31 6 20 15 75 15

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